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a dance ritual.  Five dancers with live musicians come together as agents of authority to create a choreographed experience. An experience of becoming, growing, and unfolding sourced from the commitment to live within its felt structure.  Through attuning to self, group, space and beyond, a world of heightened movement activation is embodied in and offered out. Sensing is the way of being in this charged experience. TUNE moves with, from, and towards the undiscovered, into places we’ll find together.

TUNE (NYC) premiered May 18th - 22nd, 2022 at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, NY


Choreographer Nicole Mannarino in collaboration with:

Gwendolyn Knapp, dancer

Alex Koi, musician

Brendon Randall-Myers, musician

Eleonore Oppenheim, musician

Connor Parks, musician

Molly Ross, costume design

Kristin Swiat, dancer

Nola Sporn Smith, dancer & costume design

Laura Witsken, dancer & administration

With the support from 71 donors, we raised $28,625 for the NYC premiere of TUNE!-- Thank you!

Photography: Argenis Apolinario​

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